Pilates in Chiswick

Welcome to Sofia Santarelli Pilates. Please join me on my adventure within the world of Body Control Pilates and help me to create a practice that works for you as an individual, one that will make you feel better no matter what your goal is, so that you can live a healthy and pain-free life, feeling toned, powerful and confident.

Matwork Pilates | Private Classes

Private Pilates Class One To One
Online Group Pilates Class

All private matwork pilates classes are tailored to your body and level of ability. I consider your personal goals, as well as any pre-existing health conditions or injuries and create a bespoke body control pilates session plan just for you.

One-to-one, Duets or small group classes

You may wish for the privacy of a one-to-one session or share with a partner or friends. With a private pilates class, the exercises you learn are tailored to your body and your personalised goals.  I will help you develop your Pilates techniques so you can fully capitalise on all of its benefits.

Private Sessions are available in the comfort of your own home, in a studio, office or wherever is convenient and comfortable for you. All you need is space to lay a mat.


1 hour Private Session – £50

1 hour Duet – £60

Please contact me if you would like to discuss your needs or book directly using the booking form below.

Corporate Pilates Classes

Corporate Pilates Class
Corporate Pilates Class

Most organisations and employees recognise the benefits associated with workplace well-being. Pilates in the workplace can help :

  • increase employee well-being
  • relieve stress
  • improve posture and muscles tone
  • cultivate engagement and team building
  • people who spend a lot of time behind a desk or on their feet
  • people who work manually or repetitively

Pilates can be done almost anywhere, space permitting. A meeting room where furniture can be moved will easily suffice.  The only real requirement is comfortable clothing, everything else I supply depending on the session planned, including mats, balls, stretch bands, exercise rings and any other necessary equipment.


Workplace classes are priced £70 – £90 per session and have a maximum of 12 attendees (and are dependent on available space).

This can either be paid by the organisation for its employees, or by a collective of interested employees taking responsibility for the cost, or as often happens, a combination of both, where the company subsidises the cost and staff pay a nominal fee.

There are many differing options and variations available, so please contact me if you would like to discuss your needs further and we can work together on options that would be best suited to your company or organisation.

Matwork Pilates | Group Classes

Running every Tuesday at 8:30PM until 9:30PM at St. Peter’s Church, Southfields road, W4.

My Matwork classes focus on a series of movements incorporating strength, flexibility and mobility.

The exercises are progressive and safe, allowing you to work at your own pace with an emphasis on technique and individual progress, integrating the mind and body resulting in increased energy and relaxation

Mum & Baby Matwork Pilates

Mum and Baby Pilates Class

Mum and Baby Pilates Classes are designed with you in mind and is a lovely way to meet other like minded mums.

Each class is kept small to ensure you get personal attention and that your technique is correct.

I will carefully work to develop your core, regain your strength, improve posture and muscle tone and quite simply get your body back or even improve it!

You can bring your baby so you don’t have to worry about childcare or about trying to fit ‘you’ time into your baby’s busy and demanding schedule.
My aim is to create a warm and friendly space to enable mums to work on themselves whilst offering an alternative to a baby focused class.
It is a very relaxed environment so if you need to tend to your baby in any way during the class this is absolutely fine.

Babies are welcome from 6 weeks* until they are crawling, however if you have a new crawler who would be happy to stay still with some toys then just let me know.

Currently there are no Mum and Baby classes scheduled, but please get in touch if you have a postnatal group of mums that’d like to start!

Sofia Santarelli | Pilates Instructor


My Pilates journey begun in 2014, after I had my first baby and a difficult delivery.

I needed something to stay active, but also something that is safe and would help me with my regeneration as a new mum. That is when I first discovered Pilates.

I fell in love with it after my first session and it wasn’t long until I had a second baby and moved from Italy to the UK in 2016.

Being a stay home mum I kept practicing the Pilates method and in 2018 decided that I would not go back into advertising, where I used to work before, and change my life, becoming a fully qualified Body Control Pilates teacher.

Since then I haven’t stopped developing my knowledge and have been attending different courses, classes and workshops on a regular basis so that I continue to provide my clients with the best service possible.